We choose the freedom to adventure. We are at an endless search for an urban escape to live as the adventurer, the explorer, the entrepreneur, and the artist.  Together we make up a journal called Pine and Palm. We share our stories, discoveries, and experiences in the environments that surround us in an effort to inspire others to live purposefully and carry on with a sense of healthy curiosity. 


True. I am the freckle-faced, long-haired daughter of a stuntman and an interior designer. I was born in the deserts of Las Vegas, and later raised among the palm trees in a small suburb North of Los Angeles. Despite my deep inner connections with both of those places, I moved to New York City shortly after my eighteenth birthday and attended SVA. I received my BFA in Photography in 2015. I am a vivacious spirit with a sentimental heart who finds the most inspiration in individuals who are passionate about things I know absolutely nothing about. And then I met Anthony... 


Anthony. I hail from Northern New York. More North than "Upstate" -almost Canada. I spent my childhood running through the pines of Lewis County. Like most places, it's a blue collar town with little excitement and too many ways to get yourself into trouble. Craving more, I packed up and attended Syracuse University. I received my BA in Photo Illustration in 2011 and moved straight to New York City.  The hunger to understand this world around me inspires me to pick up the camera and push the button each day. I am a wanderer with an aspiration and curiosity to explore it, to learn about it, and to simplify it. And then I met True...

Meet our allies...

Meet our friends...

Megan Corletto - Writer & Story Editor

Michelle Murphy - Story Editor

David Perkins - Writer & Photographer/Videographer

Kirby Sybert - Musician

Luis Gonzalez - Story Editor

Daniela Mekler - Story Editor

Spencer Wells - Writer & Photographer

Nat Marcy - Story Editor